About Us

A little bit about our Psychiatry practice here in Austin, Texas

Why the name Pondworks?
Where’s the Pond?

Our name has two parts: “Pond” + “works.” The “pond” is a metaphor!–it represents what we try to create for our patients–a still, contained place where reflection may happen. We like ponds, both in nature, and also as a symbol of our complex and dynamic inner worlds. Our psychiatry office is a slower, quieter place to retreat from the “rapids” of your busy Austin life, and we hope to partner with you in developing the skills and habits that will enable you to create something similar when you go back to your “real life” in Austin, Texas and beyond!

And “works?”

Well, achieving consistent mental health, especially in such a busy and challenging world, is work! We believe it can be rich and meaningful mental health work, but it does require commitment, effort, and persistence. We’re confident that we can help to make the work more worthwhile and productive when you visit us here in Austin.

Our Mental Health Mission:

Pondworks Psychiatry & Psychotherapy provides Austin, Texas based mental health care to the greater local Austin community. Our practitioners are committed to an evidence-based approach that combines psychotherapy and medication treatments to achieve optimal outcomes–so our patients can do and be more. We are committed to improving the delivery of outpatient mental health care through our own work excellence, relationships with local teaching institutions, and patient advocacy. 

Learn more about the team that comprises Pondworks Psychiatry here in Austin:

Our patients are diverse in ages and backgrounds. Some are quite experienced with psychiatric care, having transferred to our office from other providers’; others are brand new folks, who might be going through a particularly stressful experience or just seeking out professional help for the first time. They are family and community members, students and employees, colleagues and friends who share a wish to grow, through a process of inquiry about their minds, stories, feelings, behaviors, beliefs, and relationships.

We focus on a respect for each patient’s specific need in a certain moment of his or her life. As our patient, you can expect to partner with a provider who will a) form an explanation of your current problem and b) create a plan to help. We consider both the symptoms happening right now, and also what may help you to grow beyond them in the future. We realize there are many different and valuable approaches to mental health care that you may want to explore. You can always expect an attitude of respect and positive effort in trying to integrate different approaches. 

Our Culture:

Pondworks’ culture is based in the same high-quality care Dr. Bernard Kim has engaged in with his Austin patients since he first opened his doors in 2004. In addition to prescribing the many effective pharmacological tools available, Dr. Kim practices and advocates for the deeper and longer-term results made possible by combining medications with psychotherapy, either in his own office or with a local therapist. In 2013, Dr. Kim’s practice re-incorporated as Pondworks, forming a team with psychiatric nurse practitioners who share the same balanced, integrated approach.