Diagnosis and Treatment For ADHD – ADD in Austin Texas

Attention Deficit Disorder can be treated effectively and lead to profound positive changes in individuals’ lives. At Pondworks we start with a formal evaluation to sort out any overlapping problems and initiate a thoughtful care plan which ensures your safety and a durable result can be crafted.

Testing and Medication for ADD ADHD

ADD or ADHD is what we call a clinical diagnosis. We reach this diagnosis through learning about your history and administering screening tests. Formal testing remains an integral and vital part of our available tools to support a diagnosis. We may recommend ADD testing by an Austin area psychologist to complete an evaluation.

Solutions for ADHD – ADD in Austin

Solutions for ADHD or ADD start with a medical evaluation by a mental health provider to establish the diagnosis. Plans for treatment often include a combination of education, counseling and medication. Patients with uncomplicated ADD/ADHD can expect robust response to treatment in the majority of cases.

Safe and Effective Treatment for ADD ADHD:

Stimulant medications, known most commonly by the names Adderall and Ritalin, are highly effective in the treatment of ADD or ADHD. They are very safe when taken in a well structured treatment plan. At Pondworks we consider taking stimulants a medical treatment requiring a medical treatment plan. We require patients to visit their primary care provider for a routine physical exam and EKG prior to starting treatment when working with ADD ADHD in Austin. We spend time counseling about the side effects and risks of abuse associated with stimulants. We explain our expectations around medications and how we check on this through routine visits and prescription checks.