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Bernard Kim, MD | Austin Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

Dr. Bernard Kim has enjoyed the privilege of offering services in psychiatry and psychotherapy to the Austin community since 2004. Dr. Kim remains indebted to his psychotherapy training, which informs his care for every patient, whether or not he is the primary therapist. He is board certified, attended a top-tier residency program and has acquired multiple awards during his training and career.

Dr. Kim | Austin Psychotherapy Mentorship

He has dedicated his career to the craft of psychotherapy and relishes one of his most enjoyable tasks–passing on these skills to the next generation of providers. Dr. Kim serves as clinical affiliate faculty to The University of Texas Dell Medical School, where he supervises resident physicians training in psychotherapy. In addition, Dr. Kim serves as a student preceptor and guest lecturer to The University of Texas School of Nursing

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Medical Director, Pondworks Psychiatry & Psychotherapy in Austin TX

Dr. Kim’s style of care is present in all aspects of the creation and daily maintenance of Pondworks Psychiatry. In his devotion to his clinical practice and educational mentorships, Dr. Kim strives to be a leading Austin psychiatrist. 

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