Depression Counseling

Depression Treatment Austin TX

Depression treatment should focus not only on recovery from the current symptoms, but also look towards resiliency for the future. Most individuals find the best solution in a combination of talk therapy and medications.

Depression Treatment with One or Two Providers?

A common question “I have a counselor or psychologist I’m currently seeing. Do I have to give up this treatment to be seen by you?” The answer in most cases is a two provider treatment is a good treatment! Sometimes though, we find there are too many factors at play and the ability to communicate between two separate providers becomes an obstacle. This is when a single provider bringing all the pieces together becomes very important in your depression counseling. If we do make this recommendation we will help by talking with you and your psychotherapist to see if a transition could happen.

Outpatient Depression Treatment Austin

You’re making a great step in seeking depression counseling Austin. Treatment of depression is a central part of what we offer at Pondworks. We offer evidence validated treatments for the negative effects of depression on our physical health, personal psychology, and ability function in relationships and work.