Financial Matters

Financial Matters | Psychiatrist and Mental Health Clinic That Accepts Commercial Health Insurance

The time, money and energy you devote to your mental health is an investment.

We believe we can help make the returns–which include feeling better, having more satisfying relationships, and enjoying greater success in your personal and professional goals–more than worthwhile.  About half of our patients pay for their Pondworks visits out of pocket; the remainder have a portion reimbursed by their insurance company.

If you see a provider who is in-network with your insurance company, our office will submit claims on your behalf.  Please visit our Insurance Terminology page for many details about mental health care coverage. We urge you to print out this page when you call your insurance company prior to your first visit to verify your benefits and coverage.  Remember to use the phrase, “outpatient behavioral health in an office setting!”  This prep work takes time, effort, and courage, just to establish care with a new provider.  Trust us: it is not fun to come out of your first visit and learn that we don’t work with your insurance company!

Insurance plans vary widely in terms of

Providers and Psychiatrists That Take Insurance

Often times, we get calls asking, “I see that you’re a psychiatrist near me, do you accept (insert insurance plan)?”   In general, we do work with:

None of our providers are in-network with the following plans: 

What are my options if Pondworks is out of network with my insurance company?

Provider Fee-for-Service Rate Information:

I have insurance and/or billing questions!

Federal & State “Mental Health Parity” Laws:

Your health insurance plan is required to reimburse your mental health care on parity with your coverage for all other medical care, such as for heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.  Contact the Texas Department of Insurance to file a mental health parity complaint.