Amelia Harding

Amelia Harding, PA-C

Amelia Harding is a physician assistant originally from Northern Virginia. She attended a 5-year PA program at Duquesne University, a small school right in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA. Here she gained knowledge of psychiatry, and strived to create meaningful and supportive relationships with patients through honest communication and reliability.

Amelia is passionate about mental health and recognizes the impact it can have on our overall health. She prides herself on being a great listener and believes that change is always possible.

Amelia understands the importance of educating patients and hopes to be a guide through each person’s journey toward a mind that is just a little bit more peaceful today than the day before.

Austin Psychiatric Mental Health Physician Assistant

Amelia strives to create a balanced relationship between her work and personal lives. In her personal time, Amelia loves to draw, paint, go on walks, travel, and indulge in the latest reality TV show. She spent a semester in Granada, Spain, where she met her fiancé.

Amelia joined Pondworks Psychiatry & Psychotherapy in February 2023.

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