Mental Health Services

Austin Mental Health Services

Pondworks Psychiatry & Psychotherapy provides outpatient, office-based mental health in Austin Texas. “Outpatient” means that we’re just like any doctor’s office. This means we typically see patients who can independently schedule and make it to their appointments. Pondworks’ providers offer both medication management and psychotherapy, and we work with many commercial insurance companies to make quality mental health care possible for more Austinites.

Mental Health and Wellness in Austin TX

Achieving mental health means that we have the tools and skills to be resilient in the midst of our changing life demands. Any of us going through big life transitions may find our mental and emotional wellness impacted. We might learn that what’s going on in our lives now is beyond what we’ve ever been prepared for! At Pondworks, we are trained to help our patients make it through a crisis in their lives and then achieve a new level of wellness and mental health.

Mental Health Services

At Pondworks, we offer psychotherapy-driven psychiatric care. Our mental health services include new patient evaluations, where we can offer you answers about your problems and potential solutions, medication management, which is sometimes done in collaboration with a therapist in the community, and psychotherapy. Because we treat the whole patient and look at biological, psychological, and social components, our approach leads to a more durable, lasting improvement. 

Pondworks Psychiatry and Mental Health Experts

We are experts for all Austin mental health wellness! Our providers have extensive training in psychiatric care. We have the time, knowledge, and skills to help you make lasting changes. Because our background is medical, we’re also equipped to assess mental health conditions that may have overlap with other medical conditions.

Austin Mental Health Services | Pondworks Psychiatry

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