Patient Feedback

At Pondworks, patient satisfaction is not just about our clinic’s reputation; it is the foundation to establishing a successful treatment, our fundamental reason for being here.  We want to get it right, so we count on our patients to let us know whether we are accomplishing our goal.

Patient Feedback | Pondworks Psychiatry Austin TX

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Compliment a Pondworks Employee

Pondworks employees are dedicated to providing high quality outpatient mental health care to the greater Austin community. If you would like to commend an employee for their exceptional service or remarkable assistance, please be sure to include as much information as possible, including the employee’s name and how their service went above and beyond that you expected. 

Please text your comments to (512) 598-5890. We will be able to respond, although we will not know your identity or cell phone number, since we use 3rd party verification for anonymity.

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