To our patients:

The intention for this page is to provide transparency about the value and role of pharmaceutical companies in our practice. We recognize that relationships between medical providers and the pharmaceutical industry may create conflicts of interest–or even just the perception of such–and believe that transparency with our patients is vital.

​Representatives from the pharmaceutical industry can provide valuable services, such as product knowledge, the latest news and findings about medications, and access to samples, which can be helpful in introducing a new medication.

​We work to balance the information we receive from the pharmaceutical industry with our own continuing medical education, biweekly in-house educational conferences, and access to libraries, journals, and other sources. We also believe that the best and most lasting results come from integrating medications with psychotherapy, which means that we regard medication as one of numerous tools that might help our patients.

​In the interest of providing the best therapies for our patients, Pondworks providers have relationships with representatives from the following pharmaceutical companies (products listed in parentheses):

By appointment, these representatives periodically visit with our providers and provide information about their products.  We do not receive gifts, compensation, or any other type of incentive from these representatives. Our providers may prescribe other medications that are not included on the list above.

​Our office is dedicated to the work of our providers with patients, and we do not want you to feel inconvenienced in any way by visits from pharmaceutical representatives. Please see our etiquette guidelines and speak with your provider at any time if you have any questions or concerns.