Physician and Therapist

If you are a referring provider, we’d like to share with you five things that make Pondworks Psychiatry and Psychotherapy different from other providers:

  1. We truly practice biopsychosocial care. We treat the whole person. Our new evaluation appointments are a full hour. Our follow-up psychotherapy appointments are 45 minutes, and our follow-up medication management appointments are 30 minutes. Having more time allows us to treat the whole person. All of the providers in our office come from a medical approach and are also trained in psychotherapy. Other practices are moving towards shorter and shorter appointments, but not Pondworks. Other practices only prescribe medication, but not Pondworks.
  2. We work with commercial insurance companies, unlike many boutique psychiatrists who only offer fee-for-service care. The fact that we have these contracts allows us to work with customers to provide them the mental health care that they need at an affordable price.
  3. We make mental health care accessible to more people. Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of people to get the help they need that improves their mental health and their medical outcomes.
  4. We have the best trained and supported clinical providers around. Our NPs and PA are all Board certified. All of them have true physician oversight, and we devote hours every week to education, supervision, and ongoing professional development.
  5. Pondworks practices psychiatry the way we believe it should be done. Our integrated treatment is more effective than medications alone.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Pondworks Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. We’re available for informational meetings if you would like more details.

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