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Dr. Kim is an American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Board Certified psychiatrist and the founder of Pondworks Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Pondworks exists to expand access to outpatient mental health care based on Dr. Kim’s experience practice style. The Pondworks model is about a brand of psychiatry that works off of psychotherapy knowledge driving decisions in psychiatry.

Dr. Kim believes a provider who is actively practicing psychotherapy knows how to listen to you as an individual, and hence is able to make the best care decisions for you. 

Looking for a Psychiatrist in Austin TX?

You’ve taken a huge step by admitting there might be a problem you want help with. You’ve done some homework about different providers (see our page on this) and the professional you’ve chosen, at least to start, is a psychiatrist.

Now, how are you going figure out which Austin psychiatrist to see? Beginning to look for help is often a lonely place and could be one of the hardest moments in your journey. There are so many factors that make it overwhelming to think this through. It could range from simply asking “How far am I willing to drive?” to highly personal things like, “How can I trust this person?”

Most Effective Methods To Find A Trusted Psychiatrist in Austin TX

I’d venture a guess that the first place we are all likely to start is to pick up our phones and surf the web. Its ease of access and ability to find services close to you make it a natural place to start. Sure, start there…but don’t stop there. Consider the following tips as well to find a good provider for you. 

Austin TX Friends

Friends are one common source of ideas for finding a trusted psychiatrist. You might be surprised–even if the friend you ask hasn’t personally consulted with a psychiatrist, he or she may know someone who has. 

Web and Internet Search for a Psychiatrist in Austin

The Internet is an obvious source of ideas. If you have commercial health insurance, you can search for a psychiatrist in a certain part of town, There are also many other sites online where you can find names and reviews. It’s a good idea to pick a few psychiatrists to compare. 

Friendly Therapist

If you already have a therapist, you can ask her or him for recommendations for a psychiatrist here in Austin. Since psychiatrists prescribe medications and therapists don’t, most therapists are on the lookout for trustworthy professionals to provide that service. 

What Does a Psychiatrist Do?

Are you wondering if seeing a psychiatrist in Austin is the right fit for you? Psychiatry can be hard to figure out. Psychiatrists are medical doctors. They see and handle a wide variety of care situations and can recognize when a psychiatric problem might overlap with another medical condition. A psychiatrist has more time and specialized training to devote to your problem than a primary care physician.

The Austin team using the Psychology of Psychotherapy

Bernard Kim, M.D. founded Pondworks Psychiatry & Psychotherapy with three goals: create a increase patient access to high quality general adult outpatient psychiatric care, combine psychotherapy and psychopharmacology; and establish a vital, high quality workplace to support clinical providers. 

Wide Range of Experience

Psychiatrists see and handle a wide variety of care situations. Our extensive training leads to a confidence we have engaging people with whatever mental health issues they may be struggling with. Not only do psychiatrists rotate through a wide range of medical specialties, some even go on to complete fellowships in things like helping other doctors with psychiatrist issues in general medical hospitals or working with the elderly in geriatric hospital settings. There is a long list of fellowship specialties after residency and they are an additional 2-3 years in length. That’s up to 10 years of school! 

Choosing an Austin Psychiatrist

So, as you seek out a psychiatrist, here are some questions you might consider important to ask when meeting someone for the first time: 

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