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“Got issues? See a therapist.” This common advice is great, but where should you go? It’s difficult to figure out what kind of provider to choose. Do you need an LCSW? An LPC? An MD? A PhD? What do all those letters mean, anyway, and does it really matter? How to best find therapy in Austin?

Pondworks Medication and Therapy

If you’re interested in taking psychiatric medications, will you need more than one provider? And do you have the time for multiple appointments? Pondworks Psychiatry and Psychotherapy is one of the few Austin practices that provides both talk therapy and medication management under one roof, in one session. All Pondworks providers are either medical doctors (MDs) or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs), so all are licensed to practice therapy and prescribe medications.

Affordable Mental Health Therapy in Austin

To make seeing a therapist more accessible and affordable, Pondworks providers accept a wide variety of insurance carriers. We believe that quality mental health care should be available to everyone, at every income level. Our goal is to be the highest quality therapy experience in Austin.

Mental Health Therapy in Austin

How do you take care of your mental health? And if you wanted to take care of yourself emotionally as well as physically, where would you start? It’s a daunting question with a wide variety of conflicting answers, some more helpful than others.If you’re struggling with a problem that’s affecting your mood, your sleep, your family, and your relationship, you may benefit from talk therapy.

Improving Mental Health Via Therapist

If you’re interested in taking care of or improving your mental health, Pondworks Psychiatry and Psychotherapy can help with therapy and, if needed, medication management. We’re proud to be one of the few practices in Austin that provides total mental health care in one location. In addition, Pondworks providers are committed to collaborating with clients to provide a unique treatment plan that maximizes mental health and honors the individual. They’re also committed to providing the best, highest quality mental health care in Austin.

Pondworks Psychiatry Therapists

Should you see a psychologist or a psychiatrist? They’re not interchangeable, especially when it comes to choosing an Austin Therapy provider. A psychologist earns a PhD. which enables him or her to perform psychological testing and assessments, conduct research, teach at a university level, as well as offer talk therapy.

Psychiatry training is unique in that it emcompasses both medication management and talk therapy. In fact, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners are the only providers who have the training to perform both roles. If a practice does not include the word “psychiatry” in its list of services, its therapists do not have the expertise to prescribe medicine or determine whether an emotional issue may be health-related, or if a new health condition is exacerbating emotional and behavioral issues

Pondworks Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Therapy

Our providers are not just talk therapists, they’re also medical professionals who draw labs, perform physical assessments, and refer clients to the appropriate medical provider when there is cause for concern. As a result, a Pondworks provider is poised to provide the best, most comprehensive care by assessing and evaluating the entire person.

Therapist in Austin | Pondworks Therapy

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